Monday, December 13, 2010

Nexus S hidden videos (behind the scenes)

Google recently revealed a new Google phone, Nexus S. It will replace the current model, Nexus One which did not sell well. Apparently the new phone will perform better, even though there are many other Android phones that are better, for example T-Mobile G2: 4G speeds and a slot for internal memory card. The only 'new' thing that the Nexus S has is Near Field Communication (NFC) which I'm sure will attract many companies to do business with Google.

Google has released a promotional video for the new phone. But unknown to many people, Google hid some more promotional videos (behind the scenes of the actual promo) using YouTube's invisible annotations and unlisted videos option. So Google stays on top afterall, right? All the links are below.

Nexus S Behind The Scenes:
  1. Walkers
  2. Clean your mess
  3. Trapdoor
  4. Party
  5. Anti-gravity
  6. Flyover
  7. Big feet
  8. Magazines 
  9. Nightfall

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