Friday, November 12, 2010

Browsing internet in a BlackBerry browser

Malformed 'share buttons'
I have BlackBerry Curve 8320 from T-Mobile which I'm using for work as well as for personal stuff. I can say that I use my BlackBerry's features to their full extent. Its weakest point however, is the browser. The fact that the pages are malformed, do not have all the widgets, and AdSense ads don't show up does not bother me - I don't care that much. But I can't stand that when I'm browsing a Blogger blog, these little scredrivers show up, supposedly letting me edit the content on the blog that I'm viewing but I'm not author of.

Why can't Google fix it and make our viewing experience better? I don't know. Maybe it's some kind of magic trick that can really let you edit someone else's blog and put our content in it? Nah, I've tried it and it did not work. Or maybe it's BlackBerry's browser that makes the mistake? Maybe. I had Opera Mini before but I did not even think of checking it.

If you have experienced it yourself, please tell us about it in comments.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Make internet browsing on your BlackBerry faster and smoother

Sometimes browsing internet on your BlackBerry (especially if it's an older model like mine) can be a huge pain in the a**. But having experienced it myself, I've decided to write about it and let you guys know what to do to make your browser faster. It only applies to the stock browser, the one that comes with your device.

First of all, disable all of the extras that don't make any difference. For example having Java turned on only slows down your device. It does almost nothing for mobile browsing. Of course some websites require it to work, but most don't so don't worry about it. Also disable all the other extras like embedded media, and HTML tables.

The other thing that you can do is to clean your browser's memory regularly: Content Cache, Pushed Content and Cookie Cache along with browsing history. While keeping it will speed up download time and save some precious megabytes of data if you're not on unlimited data plan, it will slow down your browser much more than it speeds up download time.

Have any other ideas on making your BlackBerry browser faster or feedback on this article? Make sure you post it in the comments.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Popular freebie blog believed to be sexist is a popular freebie blog that offers its readers free samples from major grocery manufacturers, free stuff products that are sent out to promote new brands, and coupons to save money on everyday shopping.

See the proof above
Recently, when I was browsing through some of their older offers, I've noticed something strange: while most of the posts are labeled as "for men" (in case of shaving cream samples for men) and "for women" (free tampons and pads), one post struck my eyes (view it here). They were offering a free tote bag if you solved a "kitchen quiz" (involving questions about pots, bowls, etc.) and it was labeled as "for women". I know what you're asking yourself - "does the staff behind this blog thinks that only women know anything about kithcen and cooking, and that they should spend their lives in there?" I think so. They are sexists, who discriminate women while taking advantage of them. I thought that this kind of problem doesn't exist anymore.

One thing is sure - this is one of the few freebie sites out there run by men as most of them are run by moms for moms. But don't these men have at least a little respect for women? I mean, they have a freebie site which is mostly targeted at a female audience.

I've asked the blog administrator to comment on this issue but the only action they've taken is they removed labels from their blog. I'm eagerly waiting to see what they have to say about it.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Chitika for Publishers

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