Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Buying condoms...

In case you did not know, the best place to buy condoms is... Amazon... Yes, the best place to buy condoms is Amazon. That is if you know what you need. You can get the, very cheaply, in bulk, but you have to fuck a lot, otherwise they will expire, and you will have to replenish your supplies. ;) Just follow this link to see their prices!

That's nicely loaded...

That really is nicely loaded!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Import Killer

So for all of you, import car fans, I present the self-proclaimed, Import Killer! It will probably kill your Honda, but let's wait with that until the two actually meet.

Duty free shopping

Yes! When buying cigarettes, only in bulk! It will save you money, especially with todat

Home Alone house!

So I've seen the Home Alone house back in July. Its exterior hasn't changed a little since the movie came out. Check it out for yourself!

I know you probably want to watch that movie again after seeing this photo. You can stream it right here, or if you're one of the people who want to hold things in your hands, you can get the DVD here

Sunday, August 10, 2014

FedEx delivers... Furniture!

Yes, FedEx does deliver everything and anything that you may want to be delivered to your doorstep. And they do it every day at a reasonable price too!

Yes, all you lazy motherfuckers can now get your new kitchen bar stools along with your brand fucking new kitchen table delivered to your doorstep with FedEx. Because it is such a pain in the ass to go to IKEA these days. So go on Amazon instead, and with Amazon Prime you'll even get free shipping on your 70 pounds and up package, even if you don't want to pay for that, you can use the 30-Day Free Trail offer. So have a good fucking day, and just make sure to tip that poor FedEx delivery guy when you deiced to make his day at work miserable...

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Bendable ring

Yes! That motherfucker is bendable! That is, flexible... Made with high quality mesh that only your mom can appreciate, it is one of the most awesome pieces of jewelry made available on Amazon. And yes, I own one myself!

Get one for your selfish desire to make yourself more fashionable! I assure you, it is only high quality. The only question you will be asking is, why don't they make them in size of your dick! Unless you have a really tiny one, then you'll certainly find something for you.

The best thing about that bad ass is that it is only $4.99! Yes, $4.99! You should feel fucking special, I paid $15 for it! So get one while they're still there... Available only at Amazon.