Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Popular freebie blog believed to be sexist is a popular freebie blog that offers its readers free samples from major grocery manufacturers, free stuff products that are sent out to promote new brands, and coupons to save money on everyday shopping.

See the proof above
Recently, when I was browsing through some of their older offers, I've noticed something strange: while most of the posts are labeled as "for men" (in case of shaving cream samples for men) and "for women" (free tampons and pads), one post struck my eyes (view it here). They were offering a free tote bag if you solved a "kitchen quiz" (involving questions about pots, bowls, etc.) and it was labeled as "for women". I know what you're asking yourself - "does the staff behind this blog thinks that only women know anything about kithcen and cooking, and that they should spend their lives in there?" I think so. They are sexists, who discriminate women while taking advantage of them. I thought that this kind of problem doesn't exist anymore.

One thing is sure - this is one of the few freebie sites out there run by men as most of them are run by moms for moms. But don't these men have at least a little respect for women? I mean, they have a freebie site which is mostly targeted at a female audience.

I've asked the blog administrator to comment on this issue but the only action they've taken is they removed labels from their blog. I'm eagerly waiting to see what they have to say about it.

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