Sunday, October 31, 2010 overview

At, you get paid to view YouTube Videos. The process is easy. You simply click a video and view to earn money. You can earn even more by referring others to the network. You'll get paid $0.005 for each video you personally view, $0.10 for each comment you leave, and $0.15 for each subscription you make. You'll also get paid $0.001 for each video your referrals view, $0.01 for each comment your referrals leave, and $0.05 for each subscription your referrals make.

Paid2YouTube pays you via PayPal, once you accumulate $10.00 in your account. It takes up to 7 days for the team to review all of your account. When the Paid2YouTube team reviews your information, they are only making sure that you did not cheat the system. If you are in the clear, you get paid.

This system will work very well for you if you're already on YouTube. You will get paid for what you already do - watch videos. Even though there is not so many paid ads on, the site is constantly growing and you can easily expect $100 per month income.

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